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The strong and powerful traditional woman of Northern Italy, called Zdoera, in reference to her pivotal role in lea… https://t.co/C6Pkps1MKe
We didn't have all of these school shootings back when men were in charge of their families and families were held… https://t.co/vqof13ZFSv
Julius Evola was born 120 years ago today in Rome. Learn about his life, work, and continuing importance to the New… https://t.co/FDGPks1ZEM
@GeoffNorcott is on @5WrightStuff this morning, but you can also catch him live in #otley on Sat 3 Nov at 8pm. Tkt… https://t.co/B6tbgcsjo7
Perils of modern life - Individualism has replaced collectivism, sex has replaced love, greed has replaced rightful… https://t.co/vvw3jzD0gb
The #InternetOfThings is simply going to convert people who use it, including you, into "things" that are forced to… https://t.co/ijba2Kjref
Reading literally two sentences of Evola will dispel the most tedious arguments for atheism or libertarianism -- wi… https://t.co/rjIo1wmxH0
Huge salute to all you #moms having children and keeping Western Civilization alive!

#DefendEurope… https://t.co/QXefLmeOCP
Traditionalism VS (((Leftist Cultural Marxism))) Traditionalism VS (((Leftist Cultural Marxism))) MEN 101 *Get my Men's BOOK:* http://mgtow101.com/book *Get my FREE BOOK:* ...
Traditionalism, traditionalism, and the 1950's This video is aimed at conservatives and traditionalists, and in it I discuss traditionalism and Traditionalism, and why the 1950's is a poor model for a traditional ...
Traditionalism Vs Cultural-Marxism Traditionalism vs Cultural-Marxism. Why are young people increasingly turning towards traditionalism and conservatism and away from Cultural-Marxism?
Traditionalism as The Enemy of Nihilism Often I feel as if libertarians have neglected questions of meaning, value and greater axiology. Of all the libertarian literature, almost none of it makes any effort to ...
Bringing Traditionalism From The Internet To Real Life DRINKING GAME OF THE VIDEO: Take a shot for every piece of beautiful artwork you see This video is protected under fair use as the content is transformative.
Traditionalism Does What Feminism Claims to Do Back after forever and a day. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/stellbell Instagram: @virginiangoddess.
Advice for Young Traditionalists Hopefully i helped a lil ❤ (can you tell I didn't sleep at all last night?) Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Stellbell.

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