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Egy jó nap kezdete egy jó kávé! Legyen szép napotok! ☕🌞
A good day starts with a good coffee! Have a nice day! ☕🌞
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🇺🇸 🔵🙏🏽💯We want to give a huge thank you to @ofc_a_thomas for protecting, serving & willing to sacrfice his life to help keep our communities safe!! You sir are a great example of the 99% of the great leos out ...
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8-week-old Xena reporting for #puppatrol ! 🐶🐾👮🏻‍♀️ #victoriapolice #vicpol
Officer is struggling with a suspect. ALL these people watching and no one wants to help. Why is that? 1. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to risk liability or injury? 2. Simply not their problem? 3. They don’t ...
Доброго солнечного ☉☉☉!
Фото из категории было/стало))
Напоминаю, что сегодня до 16.00 по Москве можно посетить у себя девочку по очень приятной цене (скидка первого дня)😊
Пишите в директ .
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Whoever acted on Seminoles' behalf can answer to stalking charges.

The other night I mentioned a doctor in Florida, I pronounced his death. (After the shooting. Look for the Fox news report with SCJ C.T. on my page.) The Governor's ...
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Research has shown that a 28 day gratitude journal will increase happiness, productivity, quality of sleep, and health... this equals increased performance levels in life and occupation.

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“It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.” Muhammad Ali

1981 Muhammad Ali was passing a high rise when he was drawn to a commotion. A young man was standing on a ...
Guns do NOT kill people. People kill people. It’s about time to open up the blinders. #godandguns #1776 #2ndammendment #tbl #teamglock
Ini namanya kopi.... Item banget... Asal bukan hati kita saja yang hitam.. Jaga hati tetap putih bersih bsrseri bersinar mewangi sepanjang hari bagai melati.... Hahahahahahaha... Panjang amat captionya... Mimin lagi error
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Retired Pittsfield police officer Enrico Giardina, 91, pinned a badge on his grandson, Adam Simeone, during Massachusetts State Police graduation exercises in Worcester. Simeone was one of 174 trainees sworn in as new troopers.
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🥗Healthy living 🥗
this is one of my goals for 2018 eating more greens 🥒and getting active 🤸🏼‍♂️ It has not been easy but I have come to realise that my BODY needs TLC 🍊NEVENA rocking #jfactive & demonstrating healthy ...
TBL ALL STAR 2018 Yetenek Yarışması Full Tbl All Star 2018 de yetenek yarışması sizlerle iyi seyirler.
TBL - Đua không? Chú là ai, cháu không biết. Chú đi ra đi (movement) What'up everybody!! Channel giải trí vui là chính. - Đăng ký kênh tham gia gia đình TBL Vlog và theo dõi những video mới nhất - Đóng góp ý tưởng dưới...
【歌付】TBLメン言えるかな?【後悔はしてない】 本家様:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPhJzlrLems -歌詞- Hello Kids! きみはもう、たっぷりTBLメンたたかった? TBLメン200人たたかったキミも、まだまだのキ...
[Dofus] TEST STEAMER LVL 22 - KOLI 1VS1 TBL ! Du koli 1vs1 avec ce steamer ! Si vous êtes chaud demain je vous ferai la même pour le roublard :D ! Musique d'intro ? ONE T - THE MAGIC KEY ( derien.) Le setup complet dans la description...
[Dofus] DOMEH-STICK - OSA LVL 20 (SERIE PVP TBL)#1 Le setup complet dans la description : Les caractéristiques du PC : Marque : Asus Processeur : i7 7700 ( l'une des meilleures actuellement sur le marché ) Mémoire : 16 Gb de ram...

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