2018-06-22 17:51:09


“At a time when we need a bull dog we have a lap dog” Ches Crosbie talking about Dwight Ball on @VOCMOpenline #shotsfired #nlpoli
If your tired of hearing the same songs 5 times a day from the same artist from your favorite radio stations then m… https://t.co/chA7GrQmf2
. @ECSONews responded to a #shotsfired call yesterday evening that quickly turned into a #stabbing investigation.
Personally I think Ronaldo & Messi are 2 different types of players & You’d like to have them both it your team....… https://t.co/2ARD5XYlCS
Reminds me of that show #ShotsFired if you never watched it before you should https://t.co/Gezgj5GYTh
When people hardcore kids hardcore dance nowadays their beer bellies swing further than their arms. -@mitchsierra #shotsfired
@luisemiliolopez I can see how you like us. Our MVP doesn't disappear in the franchise's biggest games. #shotsfired
@TXA2002 You mean they haven’t found a way to make the story Manziel? #shotsfired
Tickets to the Sixers lone visit to Phoenix this year just got more expensive. #ShotsFired https://t.co/zqdmJ19pra
Uh-oh @Bakari_Sellers #ShotsFired, @PARISDENNARD watchout, I’m sure you’ll pay for those barbs in a short while.
@johnpaulpr1 Heh ya veo pq lo borró, eso seria un #ShotsFired y le pueden dar el spin de que TRS tiene mas convocatoria en el PNP.

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