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Day 2 of the @milossarcev Muscle Camp was brutal, on day 3 now, let’s see if we can make it through this last workout! 2 workouts a day for the last 3 days has been intense to say the least! ...
Another Great Sunday Workout.
Sunday Workouts are no cost gatherings of members of #trainedbydalton, that are available to get together and we all workout together. Its a great team building event.
#teamnextlevelresult “Real People, Real Results” 💪❤️💪 #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo ...
My 2pennies worth before bedtime! .
Make that change today! Because tomorrow never comes!
I help unhealthy people become healthy and healthy people to become even healthier
I'll help you to lose your body fat, tone your ...
Get your free copy of Keys to Healthy Living 🐦by visiting my site (in bio link🌱).
This guide was put together by Pamela Black, certified health coach, and has great information you can utilize in your daily health ...
No school tomorrow.......so I get to hang out with my mini, and probably do a bunch of crocheting. Yeah, I am that cool. #snowday #noschool #mini #minime #winter #winterweather #blizzard #winterstormjaxon #nebraskaweather #mommyandme #crocheting #personaltrainer #poundpro #trxinstructor #spinninginstructor #runner #runnermom
Espectacular nuestra segunda clase en la inauguración de @24shakebox_colombia en el Norte de Bogotá, donde vivimos lo mejor del @fitcombat.colombia. @ivonneyrobin @lilianaycarlos @isabelcristinahbl @martha_tascon_ @field_ofdreamers.
📲 (57) 3185021777
#fitness #getfit ...
1984 Certified G
2018 Certified Stick Mobility Coach
Thanks @diamondphysiquesj @jaredforestieri_ngtc for coaching me through one of the best intellectual investments I have made 💪
#mobility #stretch #fitness #coach #fitfam #bodybuilding #certified #travel #photography #travelphotography #stickmobility #functionaltraining #muscle #training #personaltrainer ...
Wow what a great hike with my challengers and SP.
Definitely do this every month, not only cuz it's a great exercise but it's great bonding with my girls.
One of my many things I love to do with my ...
s u n d a y . v i b e s .
meal prep, laundry, run, g’night 🤷🏻‍♀️
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