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The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people. #Marx #firstdayofspring
As you look at the conditions of the people in these countries, the way society functions, the economy, the school systems, etc. it becomes apparent it isn't the laws that fix anything. It's the way society alienates/repressed people and the ...
I must say though, I’ve met plenty of great people on here, and I’m glad I decided to make this account in the first place. I didn’t even expect much from it, and I don’t even know many people well ...
The history of all hitherto existing society is a history of class struggle #Marx #ComeyHearing
Ugh, I still love this picture!
Art by Line Sørensen!♡
#furry #furryart #furryfandom #marx #love #picture #art #fur
New episode of video vlog "Widma Marca". I made an animation intro for it and invent the name of the show.it s all about the plants, here: https://youtu.be/Qe1OGWUEP5w. Music by Radek Sirko #czaskultury #andrzejmarzec #spectresofmarx #marx #marzec #plants #widma #vhs ...
Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form. #Marx #InternationalDayofHappiness
"La burguesía no sólo forja su propia destrucción, sino también a su propio sepulturero: el proletariado." Karl #Marx
As for U.S. Presidents I can say something good about, far and away the best was Lincoln. I have a large degree of respect for Herbert Hoover, due to his foreign policy (the only truly and unambiguously progressive foreign policy in ...
A spectre is haunting Europe...
Nearly 200 years since #marx was born!
#communistmanifesto #sightseeing #1818
Quando o tio é comunista e resolve fazer um agrado... Obrigado tioooo! @samuel.mll
Wall Street's ruthless drive to increase profits means economic instability and lower wages for the rest of us.… https://t.co/KWkgAzfd9q
A few notes.
1. I am not a pacifist
2. Unpopular opinion, I don’t like Kim Jong Un. No, I am not brainwashed by Western Media. No, I do not want to argue about it. I am a Classical Marxist ...
A derelict graveyard in a remote corner of Siberia, memorialising Lithuanians deported to gulags in the 1940s and 1950s.
For the last decade, the Mission Siberia project has taken 16 Lithuanian youths on a journey to clean and maintain this ...
People frequently ask me what kind of world I'm fighting for. Of course it would be too simple just to respond I want the opposite of the status quo to emerge. So how does a socialism 2.0, profiting from the ...
Mornarske MARX "kapucarke" v Urški 😍🔝😉❄️💕
#sportina #marx #loveit #stripes #womenclothes
''O Jovem Karl Marx'' (Filme COMPLETO - Português-BR - HD) Entre com seu Login no Youtube e assista DE GRAÇA Capitalismo se rende a Marx: "A dinâmica do capitalismo é a que Karl Marx previu'', afirma banco francês https://t.co/bINu8qqI22 Diante...
KARL MARX ET LE MARXISME Pour Marx, les lois Macron ne seraient qu'un soubresaut de l'histoire. L'histoire obéit en effet à des lois qui lui donnent un sens. Elle a une logique et une direction qui mènent...
documentaire 2017 :Capitalisme - Et si Marx avait raison (4/6) - Arte documentaire 2017 :Capitalisme documentaire 2017 communisme serie documentaire.

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