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this is my all time favorite. i have probably watched it a billion times by now but that fucking laughter is EVERYTHING
Welcome to my page 😊😘
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༄ look at this beautiful man. he's out here snatching wigs and making lungs collapse bc of his beautiful features. (the picture of the hair is my wig. it disappeared so now I'm bald 🤠)

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's ᴘᴏsᴛ
▻ I feel so sick atm, it's literally the worst. + ps. I binge watched Stranger Things for the millionth time today ◅
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"I Love Lucille"
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I needed to create for some #therapy so I continued my drawing course. #negan has kinda grown on me and no one takes #lucille away from him.

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Love me like Negan loves Lucille #thewalkingdead #negan #jeffreydeanmorgan
Can’t control that tongue! 😍 #jeffreydeanmorgan #negan #irresistablenegan #twd #neganstongue #jdm #negantonguetuesday
I’m literally fucking obsessed with this picture. ONE hands TWO veins THREE HAND VEINS FOUR neck veins FIVE the way he is standing SIX that hair holy fuck SEVEN his beard is so gray 😭 EIGHT his fucking tattoos that’s ...
you thought, then you thought again

after like three hours and re-rendering countless times, it's finally done, so please don't let this flop because i kind of like it. also, sorry my watermark fucked up sigh

ac: me
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's panel SPNSF Jeffrey Dean Morgan's panel at SPN SF (with a little bit of Sam Smith too!)
SPNSF 2017 Jeffrey Dean Morgan Panel If you'd like to leave a tip, below is the link to my paypal. Not necessary, but if you are so inclined, it would be much appreciated. Enjoy and thank you. https://www.paypal.me/GayleMcGowan.
Negan/Jeffrey Dean Morgan full interview/panel (Atlanta Walking Dead Con 2017)!! The full, unedited panel of The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), who addresses a wide variety of topics in 45 minutes in front of over 2000 fans at the 10/29/17 Walker Stalker Con...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidently Revealed Baby's Gender Jeffrey talks about accidentally revealing the gender of his baby, and Jimmy asks him whether or not he will be playing Batman. Lies, Camera, Action! – Dirty Old Granny https://youtu.be/EpvSnA3Q...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thinks Norman Reedus is a Creeper Jeffrey talks about his tattoo fail, his friendship with Norman Reedus, and reveals why he thinks Norman is a creeper. Lies, Camera, Action! – Dirty Old Granny https://youtu.be/EpvSnA3QMl4...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead Jeffrey reveals the downside of shooting 'The Walking Dead' at night. Lies, Camera, Action! – Dirty Old Granny https://youtu.be/EpvSnA3QMl4 SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/J...
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Ben Affleck's Apology to 'Brave' Wife Hilarie Burton (Exclusive) More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw ET caught up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at 'The Walking Dead' 100th episode celebration in Los Angeles and the actor dished on how 'proud'...
How Andrew Lincoln Broke Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Nose On-Set | E! Live from the Red... The "Walking Dead" costars dish on their intense fight scenes and budding bromance on the hit series. Plus, Andrew tells how he accidentally broke Jeffrey's nose! Watch. Subscribe: http://eonli.ne...

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