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Song Diva for life Sound for life turn on notifications and subscribe and leave a like on the video and if you want to go my free giveaway subscribe to the channel that says ...
Introduction Instagram @lulbaby.niya Musically @royaaaal.n This is the introduction subscribe to my YouTube Channel press the like btton.
Divaforlife 18 Follow me on musically @uniquechic.
Destiny PVP PM PlayStation 4 #newb #divaforlife [email protected] Meow! Stay tuned for destiny and Overwatch videos!
Mischievous 96 Twitch: huntress96 PlayStation 4 #newb #divaforlife Meow! Stay tuned for destiny and Overwatch videos!
Sleepover expectations and reality! Jazzy and Lily are having a super fun sleepover, so they decided to being you Sleepover expectations and reality!
Introducing Divalicious Here we introduce main diva Jasmine (Meany!) awkward shy girl Lily (Lollipop) Alana ( Candy) and Sasha (Silly)
diva's for life Jasmine(11)Jasmine forever 16 Lily (11)cream late Sasha (10) sasha drew Alana (8)
Diva For life Hi I'm Divanya Just making videos for fun From South Africa.
happy birthday dad 05 12 14 happy birthday dad, my angel, once a hero always a hero, hope your having a good time up there I miss you so much, and its really hard without you here on ...
your perfect! your my babygirl im always going to be here for you no matter what ill always be there if you need a shoulder to cry on a person to laugh with trust me im never ...
Rest In Peace Black Beauty..Diva for Life! Cancer is a horrific disease that needs to be concurred! It has effected so many peoples lives and families. One of the baddest chicks I knew was taken away, but ...

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