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Love and Deep Friendship are Soul Sisters ! Just before to go away in week end ... See you Soon Dears Musical Friends ! JC ]
[PMV] ~Pinkie & Rainbow / You Could Be Happy ♥. (( Friendship PMV )) " We'll be best friends forever, and nothing will come between us, right Dash? " " Yeah.... Of course, Pinkie. " 720p HD pwease :3 (( Please Read The Description! )) Ohayyyyy there ♥...
Elton John opens up to Molly Meldrum Elton chats about fatherhood, celeb feuds and his partner David. Copyright © 2012 Seven Network Australia.
Koe, kalf en stier - Cow Calf and Bull Full-HD 1080 Cow, Calf and Bull HD 1920x1080 YT setting Beautiful and very social animals. In this slideshow you will see them in all their diversity. You will see a (just seconds before) newborn calf...

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