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Loving our weekend together 💕 #boyfriendgoals #couplegoals #weekendadventures
Hey guys! We have two new videos up!!!! Go check them out. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. Please please share and spread the word. We appreciate all the love and support.
Considering I'm smashed, she looks happy so I'm happy, role on tonight ❤️❤️👫👫👫 #couplegoals
Do y’all do mitt work as part of your workouts? #repost @josh_levitt
Weekend boxing workout 🥊🤙🏽🏝#boxingworkout #boxing #beachboxing #boxingtraining #focusmitts #mittwork #punchmitts #punching #weekendworkouts #couplegoals #kakoasports @kakoasports @kjlevitt
Happy Saturday ❤️
Thanks for taking me to my favorite state in the world for my birthday weekend🌊☀️ #california #sandiego #lajolla #adventure #travel #birthdaygirl #calibabe #fitcouple #couplegoals #fitgirl
Udah yaa gua udah nganggep cello itu seme :v
Jangan meracuni otak gua lagi, cello tuh muka nya doang yg uke jiwa sama raga nya seme parah😛 dia sifatnya aja seme banget beda sama piper yg pecicilan, hyperaktif :v tapi ...
#blackpanther was so 🔥🔥🔥 thanks to @bgccan and the amazing chaperones for allowing me to take them to the movies tonight. Definitely a must see everyone!!
Boundaries in relationship or lack of are one of the biggest contributors to breakdown of a relationship. 💛… https://t.co/pOEeegOazZ
When he wants to pay, meet your mama, and do chores around YOUR house. #CoupleGoals
@dodotamuli The most important thing is he already knows where she Will go #couplegoals
OMG !!! CUTE MUSICAL.LY COUPLE GOALS COMPILATION (REACTION) What do you think about them???? Hope you guys had an amazing valentines day ! original video : https://youtu.be/p2lhD9aucT4 *YOOO I DROPPED MERCH* Guys I dropped some merch so make sure...
Cute Musically Lea Elui & Lucas Ollinger (Couple Goals Compilation) ️The best musical.ly musically cute couple relationship videos compilation featuring Lea Elui & Lucas Ollinger (@leaelui) 2018 part 5 or part 34 in our couple goals series – We include...
Cute Musically Couple Goals LOVE Compilation (2018) ️The best musical.ly musically cute couple relationship videos compilation 2018 part 3 or part 33 in our couple goals series – We include the cutest musically couples on the musically...
Couple Goals 5 New #couplegoals video | Amanda & Alex ♥ Enjoy... Subscribe me for more !!! . . . . . Video Credit: https://youtu.be/ttXh01VcVOI . Music credit: https://youtu.be/vbpcdQCT-N0 (NoCopyrightMusic)
Cute RelationShip Goals 2018 #CoupleGoals Cute RelationShip Goals 2018 #CoupleGoals Best musical.ly, dubsmash, instagram and flipagram Lit Dance Compilation, urban dance, hip hop dance and dance challenges. Please leave a like if...

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