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In 2014, a number of Armenian American LA gang members loyal to the Armenian Power and Sureño (Sur 13) gangs were videotaped in Syria fighting in the civil war. The exact reason for them fighting is unknown, but it assumed ...
Here are my political sextant results; I somehow get a different result every time I do the test. I'm kinda surprised I symphatize with baathism.
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It is now knowledgeable that Assad never used chemical weapons and there is now evidence of the U.S. trying to cover up its tracks.
#Israel struggles to draw new red lines in Russia’s Syria playground - Putin will let Israel continue attacking Syr… https://t.co/sb9e6BoPn6
For this entire time that I’ve been having this page, I have never explained what Ba’athism is. So I’ll be explaining what it is.
To start, Ba’athism is a socialist, secular movement created by Michel Aflaq that advocates Arab unity ...
Does anyone here remember the Facebook page called “Spicy Saddam Memes” ? . Oh and that awkward moment when you unironically think of two of them should just be left in power for stability reasons and are a better choice ...
Syrian Workers and Farmers also Support Assad. Remember, Hate Assad = Hate All Workers. Partners: @allah_souria_bashar @syria._.ball @syriaball. #hashtags: #assad #basharalassad #workersunite #socialism #baathism #islam #muslim #savesyria #savealeppo
Demanded by: @asian_baath I personally don’t like Saddam, he committed many atrocities but I don’t support the Iraq war either. Under Saddam Iraq was at least stable and not what it has become. #islam #iraq🇮🇶 #baathism #baath #saddamhussein #saddam #dictator ...
For the terrorist I would say 0/10 would never support.

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I personally really like Ba'athism because it has socialism and nationalism in one great pie. •

#socialism #syria #baathism #communism #meme #memes #assad #syrianarmy
Ba'athist Ideology: History & Philosophy Video on Ba'athist history, philosophy, and politics. Based of the book: " The Ba'th and the Creation of Modern Syria" by. David Roberts.
Pan Arab Nationalism International Relations in the Middle East“ is a online course on Janux. Learn more at http://janux.ou.edu. Created by the University of Oklahoma, Janux is an interactive learning community...
How to Pronounce Baathism Expand your vocabulary and learn how to say new words: http://www.dictionaryvoice.com/How_To_Pronounce_Baathism.html Please leave a Like, a Comment, and Share. Bookmark us and share: http://www.d...
The GREAT Delusion of ISIS Hit subscribe http://bit.ly/1CtXGai Did you know that 17 of the top ISIS/Daesh leaders are Former Baathist secular Arab nationalists with secular liberal principals? Our Special guest of...
The Arab Socialist Baath Party Anthem (With Translation) The socialist Baathist party anthem, enjoy. **I do not have any connection with any groups in my video, i only share them for educative and historical purposes** Join our Facebook group: https://ww...
Glory to you o Arab world Baathist Song محمد سلمان - لبيك يا علم العروبة I do not own any of the following content, i am simply sharing for educative purposes**
The Great Divide: Sunni vs. Shi'a - Full Episode From the conflicts in Iraq and Syria to the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the struggle between Sunni and Shi'a groups for hegemony is tearing apart the region and shows no signs...
Christopher Hitchens on Fascism, Ba'athism, Assad https://www.hrw.org/news/2012/07/03/syria-torture-centers-revealed Every time I see the droopy, callow face of Bashar al-Assad — a man in possession of those two awkwardly coexisting qualities...
One Hour of Iraqi Baathist Music / Una Hora de Música Baazista Iraki 00:00 - 01:21 : وطن مد على الافق جناحا 01:21 - 06:59 : دايمين ودايم وطنا بيكم 06:59 - 12:04 : يا كاع ترابج كافوري 12:04 - 17:00 : لاحت...

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