2018-02-20 02:49:55

Allie Sailboat

Ohai! Ballerina | FinalFantasy | Jersey Born Two Chinchillas | Two Kitties | Pibble Blonde Bimbo | 5'0" | 90lbs | dj0nty pant size [000]

I don't care what anyone says. I'm getting a Vulva, dammit. It will be my first vehicle. I keep trying to compromise by convincing myself a Santa Fe or an MDX is just as good, because people are telling me ...
Ever hate a brand so much you end up buying one of their products?

#dolcegabbana #dg4l
Lol no I'm not high.

But my clouds blend with my hair now.

#douchebag #supreme
Gotdamn I love #wella! Their #kolestonperfect is like no other! Highly recommend. It's wella worth the little extra money!
Awww yeah! This is happening right now. I'm so excited to finally try the Koleston. Wella really stepped their game up.

#wella #koleston #whitegirl #blonde
Can't wait to put one on Appa's collar. :3
#bff #catlady
It's the end of the day. I'm done.
Don't hate on my pony, beetch.

#pony #haters #geturweaveon #tan
What's that word people misuse as an adjective these days to descibe flower crowns and eyelashes and stuff? Oh right, #extra. I will never misuse that again.

I find this inaccurate, as the percentage of commie in there is wayy too high. I did hit neutral on a couple because they were worded weird. I think they were trick questions made by commies. Oh wait, that does ...
My movie buddy.
I'm a cunning linguist.
I'm better than Ben Folds.
I made a seascape out of my neck fupa.
#sailboat #neckfupa
If you have shitty hands, wrap a rubber band around the cap. If that doesn't work, fucking throw it across the room so it explodes, and run up to it with your mouth wide open.
#lifehack #neckfupa #sexydoublechin #fuckpepsi #dietcoke ...
My front camera updated to automatically take photos when it sees a damn face. #annoying
Thank you, @nick.sainato. You get a cookie!
#kungs #ihatepop
Whatthe fuck song is that? Pls halp.
#namethattune #ihatepop
I seriously effing love Dolce & Gabbana.

#d&g #fashion
When someone brings up my weight at a family gathering. I ate two slices of cake. TWO MUTHAFUGGIN SLICES, BEETCH. U MAD?

#dabonthemhaters #skinnylife #cake #fitbitch
Being a capitalist bastard with my grandpa.
My natural waves are coming back from the Joico. My hair was a bit dull and limp for a while.
#joico #whitegirl

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