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Turkey has started attacking Afrin, a Kurdish town in Rojava, North of Syria. Their excuse is to clear YPG (the force which has successfully fought against ISIS), what they are afraid of is the Kurds having any power since they ...
Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile 😁. Loved this quote. Throw back to a Sicilian summer ☀️
Bunun köpek olduğunu biliyormuydunuz? Ha bide Türklerekurbanol sayfası varmış 😂😂😂😂. Bir hafta sonra silicem bu saçmalığı, bu kadar faşiştliğe yüreğim pek uzun dayanamaz. Siz Türk olduğunuza mutlu olun aptallar, çünkü başka şeylerlen mutlu olamiyorsunuz galiba #nemutlutürkümdiyene #saçma #aptal
“the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" M L King 🙌🏾❤️
When Kurds fight with arms they are called terrorists. When they become a democratically elected MP or co-chair of a political party they become prisoners... #selahattindemirtaş
Most people have the perception that if they eat well and less, exercise and “look good” in a particular way they will be content. I see increasing number of people hitting the gym with unrealistic aims, getting their lips filled, ...
Love is, feeling peace when you are with somebody. Throw back to 2004 🙏🏼 no filter
In Kurdish society (and many others) a quiet and agreeing woman is a "good woman". "Efendi sessiz, iyi bir kiz" (in Turkish "a well mannered, quiet girl, a good girl" is typically said in Turkey to describe a "good girl") ...
I add value to most things I come across in life, people, experiences, memories, items... You can learn from everything in life. Even my stethoscopes. The one in the box is my first ever stethoscope (more than 15 years old!), ...
About last night, thank you for my yummy homemade cake @melosak and for the preps @gk_gkaya #rojbunatepirozbe
To health ❤️🍹
It's a special day for me and she sent me a wish all the way from Thailand ❤️🤗😘 #thesmallthings
Every single second you spend with someone becomes a memory 📸
Trying to stop buying new clothes, going through my wardrobe and stuff I have forgotten about. We kill the Earth in so many ways via consuming in every way possible #haulternative
With my Kurdish bling on - I need more :). From last night's Pakistani wedding
How to make Picasso coffee art ☺️☕️🎨
Seeing this local masjid (mosque) decorated with Christmas lights made my day today. I don't even know why, maybe just the pretty lights. Or maybe it made me realise it really doesn't take a lot to accept simple things and ...
A bit of effort in everything you do in life makes a huge difference. Can you give a few quid and a few hours to attend a gathering (a concert) with speeches and songs to help those much much less ...
Atatürkü sevmek onun emrinde yapilan tüm zülmü sevmek demektir
"Yaw Türkmen kardeşlerimle görüşüyordum, nolmuş?" Memed is being called to a place of safety and they say to him "Do you have to greet everyone?" He replies "I was talking to my Turkman siblings (friends), so what?" This video gets ...
Excited ☺️, by the small things #britishmuseummember
These souls ❤️, a memory from Winter Wonderland 2016, looking forward to the session in 2017 @anil_elbistanli @defne_doner_x @eviiiiiiiiin
Love this girl ❤️, throw back to 2 years ago
This Saturday! In memory of Memed ❤️ @firazdag
Alhambra! I was so excited to see you, I thought the timing could have been better. But it was actually good timing where I learnt to go with the flow, I usually rush around trying to do so much, even ...
I remember meeting you at college. You were an assimilated Turk at the time, citing the so called fashionable Kemalist views, you belittled Kurds and their struggle at the time. You later learnt about the oppression and struggle of the ...
I don't care about borders but the history of Kurds dictates they need a Kurdistan. Throw back to Hawler in 2010 ❤️ #kurdistanreferendum #kurdishflag #kurdistan

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